Process Essay

Basic Information About Writing a Process Essay A process essay describes and outlines how to complete a process, step by step. There is no persuasion or bias needed in this type of essay. It simply focuses on how to guide readers through a specific process. It is not a listing of the steps to a... (Full article...)

Narrative Essay

Basic Information about Writing a Narrative Essay A narrative essay is often confused with a short story. It is similar to a short story, but the main difference is that a narrative essay is commonly written from personal experience and a lesson should be learned from reading it. Narrative essay writing is one of the... (Full article...)

Cause and Effect Essay

Basic Information about Writing a Cause and Effect Essay Like the name of the essay itself, a cause and effect essay details the cause and effects of a certain subject. Similar to an expository essay, this composition digs into the reasons something is happening, and its consequences. Cause and effect essays are one of the... (Full article...)

Compare and Contrast Essay

Basic Information about Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay In this type of essay, you are comparing and/or contrasting two subjects. Commonly, these subjects should not be so dissonant from each other. A good example of two subjects for a compare and contrast essay is the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. They share a... (Full article...)

Classification and Division Essay

Basic Information about Writing a Classification Essay A classification essay is similar to a definition essay, in that it presents a single subject thoroughly, and does its best to outline what it is all about. However, with a classification essay, you detail a subject in an organized fashion in terms of aspects. The main focus... (Full article...)

Definition Essay

Basic Information about Writing a Definition Essay A definition essay centers around a word or phrase. The author of a definition essay tries his or her best to define the chosen word or phrase with the help of research and critical thinking. The writer seeks to supply a comprehensive definition, instead of being biased or... (Full article...)

Persuasive Essay

Basic Information about Writing a Persuasive Essay A persuasive essay is largely based on an opinionated assertion that is backed up by facts. Unlike an argumentative essay, a persuasive essay does not need to be comprehensive in its presentation of facts. You are allowed to show only one side of the argument and its particulars.... (Full article...)

Argumentative Essay

Basic Information about Writing an Argumentative Essay When writing an argumentative essay, think of yourself as a lawyer who is trying to persuade an audience of something or to consider something, showing all the evidence and sides of the issue. Instead of a persuasive essay, where you try to persuade readers to adopt your position... (Full article...)

Analytical Essay

Basic Information about Writing an Analytical Essay There are two types of analytical essays: one that analyzes an issue or topic comprehensively through various sources, and another that analyzes one source material, which is like an analytical review. An analytical essay is not a summary, but a deep look at a subject, or a piece... (Full article...)

Descriptive Essay

Basic Information about Writing a Descriptive Essay A descriptive essay focuses on detailing exactly what something looks like, and possibly some of its history. Descriptive essay writing can be about a person, place, thing, experience, emotion, and so on. The main reason teachers assign descriptive essays is to see how a student can show his... (Full article...)