Writing a psychology paper quickly and easily

Among different humanities, psychology is an incredibly interesting discipline to study. Most psychology students enjoy their major, as it focuses on the most exciting subject—ourselves. However, excitement may become bleak as you look at the list of psychology papers you need to submit this term. There are small essays and large research projects, including a case study and a term paper. Each of them has certain requirements and will take you some time to complete.

An essay is the shortest and the easiest writing assignment in psychology. You will need to explain terms and phenomena or provide your own opinion regarding them. The complexity of an essay is low to medium and the length is short. It does not require profound research, so you are supposed to spend no more than a few hours on a psychology essay.

A psychology research paper is longer and is a more complicated type of assignment. It requires students to share their observations during the course of a psychological experiment. A research paper usually begins with an abstract followed by an introduction. Its main part consists of the methodology used in the research, and the conclusions follow the discussion of the experiment. While writing a psychology research paper, you also have to complete a list of literature used for the experiment. 10 to 15 sources will do for a 20-page long paper.

As you can see, writing a psychology paper is not as easy as it seems. Nevertheless, we will try to help you overcome major barriers on your way to completing an excellent paper.

Where to find good psychology research paper topics

Do not be disappointed if your teacher has not assigned any particular topic for your paper. This means you can choose an interesting subject that would simplify the whole process of writing your research paper. So, what is exciting in psychology? First, let’s discover some general categories where a suitable subject may lie.

Among the most popular branches of psychology, we have developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, and abnormal psychology. If you are curious about the development of children, you will like the first one. Cognitive psychology is a good choice for those interested in the phenomena of human perception and obtaining knowledge. If you are most interested in how people interact with eaсh other, you will like social psychology. And abnormal psychology will appeal to students curious about disorders and psychological deviations.

Once you have decided which direction you should take for your psychology research paper, you can it narrow down to any particular phenomenon. Would you like to research the social anxiety disorder, depression, or the attention span in teenagers? Pay attention to topics like:

  • Causes of the social anxiety disorder
  • Factors impacting the length of teenagers’ attention spans
  • Methods of diagnosing depression in adults, etc.

Do not forget to make your topic specific. There is a lot of research available on social anxiety, for example, but you can review only some parts of it in your paper. Having chosen a subject, think about the causes or consequences it may have in any particular social or age group (teens or adults, office workers or single moms, etc.).

How to get help with your psychology research paper

Even if you choose the most exciting topic, chances are high that you may struggle to complete the research paper. It often happens because you become overwhelmed with many other assignments and cannot devote enough time to your research paper. Obviously, teachers do not take into account how much work you have when they give homework. It is also very likely you have a part-time job that does not let you complete all tasks for college or university. Or maybe you are just trying to get enough sleep instead of sitting all night delving into research. If any of these obstacles stand in your way, do not be afraid. There are still ways to complete your psychology research paper on time.

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