Basic Information about Writing a Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is often confused with a short story. It is similar to a short story, but the main difference is that a narrative essay is commonly written from personal experience and a lesson should be learned from reading it.

Narrative essay writing is one of the funnest assignments for students, but it can be difficult to compose a story based on one’s life. Be honest and stark in recounting your experiences, but do not write with sentimentality. Do your best to engage your readers, while also providing a moral lesson.

Narrative Essay Format

There is no thesis statement, and it is not similar to a typical academic essay structure. However, it should have an introduction, middle part, and conclusion—yet, not in the same sense as a persuasive essay, for example.

A good narrative essay should engage the reader from the start. Similar to a hook in standard academic essays, the first few sentences of the narrative essay introduction should grab the reader’s attention. You can go right into the action of the experience, and describe the main scene immediately. There is no reason to dillydally while storytelling.

In the middle part, develop your characters and scenes, and provide a story arc that will keep readers guessing. It is important to have mystery in stories in order to keep readers interested. Make sure you don’t have plot holes, where things magically happen without explanation or reason.

In the conclusion, tie up the story’s events either neatly, or leave the interpretation open. In the first option, make sure all the parts of your story come together for an astonishing finale. In regard to the second option, you don’t need to be vague, but you can end with a scene or action that puts into question what has exactly happened and/or what will happen.

Style of a Narrative Essay

The style is similar to short stories, however one can be a bit more formal, as it will be read by your teacher and other students. The voice of your writing should be engaging, detailed, and even poetic at times. However, do not go too deep into descriptions, or else you will slow down the pace of your story to a halt. Keeping a good pace is essential for having your readers go through your whole story.

Have a balance between describing scenes, dialog, and action. If you have too much or too little of each, the reader will feel something is either lacking, or something is overdone.

Also, make sure you end with either a direct moral lesson, or a hint at one. It can be something you learned from your experiences, or something you learned in connection to your experiences.

Narrative Essay Topics


  1. Your favorite place as a child
  2. Your first physical fight
  3. The best time in your childhood
  4. Your first day at school
  5. When you graduated elementary school

Happy Moments

  1. Your greatest achievement
  2. When you overcame a great obstacle
  3. When you won an award or competition
  4. Your happiest day
  5. The moment you are most proud of

Sad Moments

  1. The death of a relative
  2. Your first romantic breakup
  3. When your parents divorced
  4. The death of a friend
  5. Your most embarrassing moment

Narrative Essay Help

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