Basic Information about Writing a Classification Essay

A classification essay is similar to a definition essay, in that it presents a single subject thoroughly, and does its best to outline what it is all about. However, with a classification essay, you detail a subject in an organized fashion in terms of aspects. The main focus of a classification essay is to explore the different types of something.

It is light scientific writing, essentially. While writing a classification and division essay, do your best to compartmentalize your chosen subject. Consider not only the main subgroups of the topic, but also the minor groups that are not so essential to the subject.

Classification Essay Format

Akin to a definition essay, the structure is not complicated. The information should have some general background information on the chosen subject, and a thesis statement that states that the chosen subject has this and that areas of classification. A classification essay thesis, therefore, is not persuasive or opinionated.

In the body paragraphs, each paragraph should center on one type of classification. The body paragraphs can be written in the sequence the classifications were listed in the thesis statement. Not many sources are needed. Mostly encyclopedic sources will be used. However, you should have a works cited at the very end of the paper on a separate page.

In the conclusion, summarise and synthesize the information presented in the body paragraphs. No new information should be presented, however you should clear the reader’s mind of any possible misconceptions and should make sure that the main subject is viewed in perfect clarity with all its categories by readers.

It is recommended to have a classification essay outline to correctly organize your paper. Outlines also help one to stay on track during the drafting process.

Style of a Classification Essay

The accepted style is formal and meticulous. The use of formal transitions between paragraphs and sentences are widely used, i.e. in relation to that element, corresponding to that classification, another essential category is… and etc.

The writing should be straightforward and so should the organization of the paper. There is no room for meandering around the subject, persuasive language, or side comments.

Classification Essay Topics List


  1. Types of computers
  2. Types of smartphones
  3. Types of programming languages
  4. Types of cars
  5. Types of hacking


  1. Types of genders
  2. Types of murders
  3. Types of legal marijuana
  4. Ways to classify the human race
  5. Types of citizenship statuses in the U.S.

Natural World

  1. Classification of ants
  2. Types of orchids
  3. Classification of trees
  4. All the different types of primates
  5. Classifications of different cockroaches

Assistance with Writing a Classification Essay

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