Specifics of Writing a Physiology Paper

Physiology from Ancient Greek (physis), meaning ‘nature, origin’, and (-logia), meaning ‘study of) is the scientific study of normal mechanisms, and their interactions, which works within a living system. A sub-discipline of biology, its focus is in how organisms, organ systems, organs, cells, and biomolecules carry out the chemical or physical functions that exist in a living system. Given the size of the field, it is divided into, among others, animal physiology (including that of humans), plant physiology, cellular physiology, microbial physiology (microbial metabolism), bacterial physiology, and viral physiology.[1]

As you might have noticed, this is quite a specific field, requiring the absorption of deep knowledge. Though not esoteric, physiology takes a heavy load on the brain to firmly grasp its nomenclature and its processes. When you set out to write a physiology essay, you will have to first brainstorm what exactly you want to write about, complete in-depth research on that subject, and outline your essay according to your teacher’s instructions. These instructions will most likely be quite detailed, and you have to be ready to comply with all of the requirements. Shirking your duties will result in a low grade.

The most common writing assignment in physiology is the physiology research paper. This will of course require a load of research to be completed in various forms (books, online media, newspapers, textbooks, encyclopedias, and so on). In addition, you will have set sections to delve into that will outline your research, results of tests, your hypotheses, and evidence for claims.

Physiology is a narrow topic in itself, but when you write an essay on it, you will, in most cases, write about a focused part of physiology. This is tricky, as if you pick too narrow of a topic, you will not find enough material to research. On the other hand, if you go for a more general topic, you will find too much to discuss within the set word/page limit your teacher will arrange for you.

If you are not a physiology student and are writing an essay on physiology, then your effort to realize the subject on paper will be much more troublesome. First, study the general areas of physiology, and then dig deep into your chosen area of this discipline. Keep an organized record of every thing you research and are planning to use for in-text citations. This will make the writing process much easier.

Physiology Paper Topics


  1. What makes it so difficult to recover from a heroin addiction?
  2. How was the physiology of neandertals different than modern day humans’ physiology?
  3. Discuss the physiological functions of the ileocecal valve
  4. Discuss the physiological effects of the depression of the repertory system
  5. What are the physiological effects of long-term alcohol dependence?
  6. What are the physiological links between chimpanzees and modern humans?
  7. What is the physiology of human ears?
  8. The formation of human sperm
  9. The physiology of aging
  10. Explain the concept of homeostasis


  1. Discuss the physiology of the dolphin and what makes this animal unique
  2. Discuss the physiology of coral reefs
  3. Compare the physiology of rats and mice
  4. Compare the physiology between crows and jackdaws
  5. The chemicals in animals that break down materials that are poisonous to humans
  6. Formation of animal sperm

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  1. This paragraph is from the Wikipedia page on physiology, with edits. It is under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.