Specifics of Writing a Sports Paper

Sport (British English) or sports (American English) includes all forms of competitive physical activity or games which, through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain, or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants, and in some cases, entertainment for spectators. Usually, the contest or game is between two sides, each attempting to exceed the other. Some sports allow a tie game; others provide tie-breaking methods to ensure one winner and one loser. A number of such two-sided contests may be arranged in a tournament producing a champion. Many sports leagues make an annual champion by arranging games in a regular sports season, followed in some cases by playoffs. Hundreds of sports exist, from those between single contestants, to those with hundreds of simultaneous participants, either in teams or competing as individuals. In certain sports such as racing, many contestants may compete, each against each other, with one winner.[1]

Any sports fan knows how diverse and life-changing being involved in sports can be. There are a variety of ways to write a sports essay, especially for a sports fan. Mainly, though, essays on sports are either persuasive, descriptive, expository, or narrative. Sports essay writing rarely involves extensive research, and therefore a sports research paper is rather uncommon. A deep knowledge in sports is not necessary when writing an essay on sports. However, you will most likely need to look up certain information on the sport you have chosen to write about and provide at least three sources.

To begin the writing process, brainstorm. This can come in many forms: bubble mapping, automatic writing, roleplaying, etc. This will allow you to form a concept for your future paper.

Next is researching the topics you found that are relevant and interesting from the brainstorming session. You should be methodical in your research. Keep a log of all the sources you want to use and the passages you want to employ in your essay.

Subsequently, outline your ideas from your brainstorming and research. This outline can be quite basic, allowing you to glance at it while drafting to make sure you are on the right track and to guarantee you are organized during the writing process.

You should write a few drafts, usually three. Edit for technical errors, stylistic mistakes, organizational problems, and more. Try to hand in your paper in the best form you can.

Sports Essay Topics


  1. Should sports teams use the names of and references to Native Americans?
  2. Should there be a cap for how much money a professional athlete can make per year?
  3. Should college football players get paid for their efforts?
  4. How does advertising affect the quality of professional sports?
  5. Are cheerleaders a form of sexual advertising?


  1. Animal sports should be banned
  2. Hunting in all forms should be prohibited
  3. Extreme sports should be banned
  4. Tobacco and alcohol advertising should be banned during sports TV programs
  5. All forms of sports betting should be prohibited


  1. Not all great athletes can become good coaches
  2. The talent of athletes are more important than a coach’s instructions
  3. The greatest basketball coach in history
  4. Even good coaches can lose self-control
  5. Female coaches can coach male teams

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  1. This paragraph is from the Wikipedia page on sports, with edits. It is under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.