Basic Information about Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

Like the name of the essay itself, a cause and effect essay details the cause and effects of a certain subject. Similar to an expository essay, this composition digs into the reasons something is happening, and its consequences. Cause and effect essays are one of the most common for students to write in high school and college.

Having one cause and/or effect is not enough, however. Usually, it is recommended to have at least three causes and/or effects written about. Each cause and its effect should be substantial, and pertain directly to the main topic. Though this essay can seem simple, the causes of certain things happening is not that straightforward. So, look out for nuances, and delve into them in your essay.

Cause and Effect Essay Structure

A cause and effect essay is structured similarly to most essays. You will most likely begin with an introductory paragraph(s) that contain a hook, background information, and a cause and effect essay thesis, which usually lists three causes of a certain happening. List the causes in the thesis statement in the order you want your body paragraphs to written in.
So, as was mentioned, organize the body paragraphs according to the thesis statement. The most essential cause should come first. Each body paragraph should center on one idea only, and be supported by research and evidence from that research.

In the conclusion, mention all the causes again, but also synthesize all the information you presented into a neat whole that readers can digest. Tell readers why the information you presented in your essay is important, and should be thought about much after they finish reading it.
Having a cause and effect essay outline is preferred, as it is easy to get distracted and to meander into different topics while writing. The outline will be your cue card, so to speak, while drafting.

Style of a Cause and Effect Essay

In general, it is a formal essay that should not include any slang or contractions. Cause and effect essays often focus on complex subjects that are sensitive in nature, so it is important to not joke around while writing this type of essay.

In addition, try to use transitions between paragraphs, and even sentences. The essay should flow between the presentation of causes and effects. Do your best to be methodical in your writing style.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics


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