Basic Information about Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

In this type of essay, you are comparing and/or contrasting two subjects. Commonly, these subjects should not be so dissonant from each other. A good example of two subjects for a compare and contrast essay is the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. They share a similar sphere, but have enough differences and similarities between them to write enough content about them.

Be careful when writing your compare and contrast essay outline, as you need to be certain that each comparison and contrast is essential, or at least important. Students often make the mistake of having one important thing to write about, and then two other things that are not integral to the subject. Also, using research to your benefit is recommended, as facts and figures will impress upon readers better than flat out opinions.

Compare and Contrast Essay Format

Though the organization of a compare and contrast essay is a bit trickier than most essays, don’t be afraid. It is based on a systematic approach. In the introduction, present both topics with a bit of background information, using enough transitions to make it sound smooth. Your compare and contrast essay thesis statement will have to balance both subjects, but point towards an assertion based on your weighing of the comparisons and contrasts.

In the body paragraphs, try your best to be methodical. Depending on your teacher’s instructions, you might need to only compare, only need to contrast, or do both. Whatever the circumstance, each body paragraph should focus on only one idea.

If you are comparing and contrasting in one essay, divide the body paragraphs into sections. Say you have four body paragraphs. The first two could be for comparison, and the next two could be for contrasting. It is best not to mix the two sections together, or you might create confusion.

In the conclusion, do your best to synthesize the information that you presented. This means that not only should you summarize the information, but you should show how all of it works together to create a single assertion about how the two topics relate.

Style of a Compare and Contrast Essay

Not only should a compare and contrast essay be logical and systematic in its approach, but its language should also be formal and to the point. This type of essay packs a lot of information in a tight space, so there is not much chance for trivialities. Also, no slang or informal language is allowed.

The compare and contrast essay structure requires one to use many transitions. So, as a style, think constantly about how to link up paragraphs, sentences, and even phrases. Without proper transitions, the reader will be lost in the forest of the many comparisons and contrasts between your main topics.

Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas


  1. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party
  2. Democracy and Communism
  3. Communism and Socialism
  4. Republicans of the 1800s and Republicans of the present
  5. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton


  1. Transgender versus transvestite
  2. Emos and hipsters
  3. Australian English and British English
  4. U.S. foreign policy in the 1950s compared to now
  5. Surfer culture and skateboard culture

Natural World

  1. Chimpanzees and gorillas
  2. Deciduous and coniferous trees
  3. Mice and rats
  4. Hawks and eagles
  5. Swamps and marshes

Compare and Contrast Essay Help

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