CSE Formatting Essay Style

General Information About the CSE Format The CSE citation style is the official writing format for the Council of Scientific Editors. It is divided into three sub-styles. The three styles will be given an overview below. If you want more detailed information, consult the CSE Style Manual. 1st Sub-Style: Citation Sequence End references are ordered... (Full article...)

ASA Formatting Essay Style

General Information About the ASA Format This citation style is associated with the American Sociological Association. This format is used by authors who want to publish works in ASA journals. The following information pertains to the 5th edition of the ASA style guide, and is only a general overview. Read the ASA style guide for... (Full article...)

Chicago Formatting Essay Style

General Information About the Chicago Style of Citation The Chicago Style works with two systems: 1) notes and bibliography, and 2) author-date. Picking one of these systems depends on your piece of writing. The notes and bibliography style is preferred when dealing with the humanities. The author-date system is associated with physical, natural, and social... (Full article...)

APA Formatting Essay Style

General Information About the APA Citation Style APA stands for the American Psychological Association. Its citation style mostly relates to the social sciences. It is not used as much as the MLA style, but it is widely used. Making a Reference List in the APA Format The reference list should be at the end of... (Full article...)

MLA Formatting Essay Style

General Information about the MLA Format MLA stands for the Modern Language Association. The format created by this association is the most widely used in schools in the U.S., though its style is connected to the humanities and to liberal arts. In high school and in college, you will use this citation style the most... (Full article...)