What Does the Price Depend on?

Our prices start at $10.00/page, but the final price depends on several things. The two examples of orders below will help you understand how the prices are formed:

Type of paper
Any topic(writer’s choice)
Argumentative essay
2 weeks
Political Instability in Melanesia
Research paper
Political science
48 hours

Please note that these two orders are examples, and some of the details may look different in real-life situations. However, they help you understand what factors influence the final price:

  • Number of pages
  • Deadline
  • Difficulty of your particular assignment

Who Sets the Price?

Once you specify the details of your order, it will be visible to all our writers. Based on our minimum price and the factors we mentioned above, they will offer their price. Also, a more experienced writer is likely to charge more than a newbie for the same work.

Look through the list of all the writers, view their profiles, and ask them questions to find out more. You can either choose a top-writer with a high rating to make sure you get a quality paper. Or you may also decide to save some money and choose a writer who offers a lower price, less experience, but can still be able to provide you with a decent piece of writing. It’s up to you to decide, and we consider such a variety of options to be one of our main benefits.

How Do You Pay for Your Order?

You don’t have to pay the whole sum at once. If you agree on the price the writer offers, you have to add money to your account, and pay for each part of your order separately only if you are satisfied with what you get.

How About Discounts?

It is our firm belief that we should not interfere in the bidding process. We have created a system that runs on a free market basis and is able to regulate itself.

First of all, if you think that one of the writers charges too much for your paper, you are free to choose the one you think is more fair. Secondly, writers are motivated to have more orders and get a high rating from you. That is why they will be eager to discuss the price with you, and if your arguments sound convincing, they can lower the price

So, you can see that even without a system of discounts, you have an opportunity to bargain for a better price and get a well-written paper even if you have a limited budget.