Specifics of Writing Tourism Papers

It would be great if tourism papers were written like this: a student is sent on a fully-paid journey to another city or country by his/her university, and then is required to write a report on what he/she has seen, experienced, tasted, and so on. Unfortunately, papers on tourism are not written this way. Rather, a student is required to write case studies, analyzing trends or singular events regarding the tourism industry, management, and so on. Usually, a case study paper on tourism focuses on real-life situations, demonstrating a student’s skill to analyze premises that led to this situation, and consequences that resulted from it. Another type of academic assignment in the sphere of tourism is writing a proposal: a student needs to develop a detailed plan of a certain activity (for example, opening a hotel at a popular resort), including an estimated budget, arguments in favor of the decisions proposed, steps needed to accomplish each of the intermediate goals set in the plan, expected revenues and expenses, and so on. And, of course, there are tourism essays—a more or less common type of assignment, in which a student is required to demonstrate their critical thinking skills and the ability to come up with coherent arguments.

Luckily, tourism papers are not just about the hotel business, developing new tourist destinations, or researching problems existing resorts face. Tourism is a broad subject, and even though universities do not usually pay for students’ journeys (otherwise everyone would want to study the tourism business, probably), there are still many assignments that are fun to work on. For example, a student can be required to write a travelogue about their recent trip, or analyze the problems a traveller may face during their journeys, or focus on the psychological aspects of moving between multiple countries, and so on. Such assignments help develop imagination and attentiveness to detail, as well as analytical and critical thinking skills.

Popular Tourism Papers Topics

Considering the fact that tourism is such a broad subject, the variety of topics one can choose from is astonishing. For example, a student might want to write a paper on a topic that sounds like, “The impact of tourism on the environment.” Or, another good topic would be, “The two sides of tourism” (implying that although many people believe travelling is by default awesome, there are setbacks which few people consider before setting out on a journey). Other topics for an essay on tourism can sound like:

  • Social impacts tourism has on the areas that are becoming popular tourist destinations
  • The important characteristics of a tourist attraction
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of pro-poor tourism?
  • Typical dangers a regular tourist will most likely face during a trip
  • Unconventional tourism: sex tourism, dark tourism, military tourism, drug tourism
  • What are the currently existing trends in the sphere of the tourism business?
  • Ways of developing tourism in underdeveloped countries
  • What are the economic benefits and disadvantages of tourism for underdeveloped countries?

This is only a narrow shear of topics a student studying the tourism business can choose from when writing a tourism paper.

How to Write a Tourism Essay Fast

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