How to write an ethics essay your teacher will appreciate

One thing you should remember before you start writing is that a good ethics essay has brilliant arguments—not just a repetition of the beliefs of your teacher. Ethics paper ideas are meant to be controversial and dubious— otherwise, there would be no discussion.

Your arguments are certainly the main part of your ethics essay. However, you shouldn’t forget about other issues that can affect your grade:

  • Make sure there are no grammatical mistakes in your paper.
  • Stick to the formatting style of the assignment.
  • And, of course, make sure your paper is well-structured and your writing is coherent and consistent.

Compose an ethics paper outline first

This method concerns any type of assignment for both educational institutions and what life puts in front of you. Always compose an outline before you write your paper.

  • Check out your ethics paper ideas.
  • Think of the arguments and counterarguments for your topic.
  • Do proper research to back up your opinion.
  • Write down a plan for your ethics essay.

What parts should your essay contain? Any argumentative essay ( as a rule, an ethics paper should be composed in the format of an argumentative essay) should involve at least these parts:

  1. Introductory section
  2. Main body which consists of:
    • the main argument
    • the objection to the main argument
    • and the reply to such an objection
  3. Concluding section

To make sure your ethics essay is really strong, make sure to choose the strongest objection to your main thesis, so the main body looks like a discussion among two opposite views. Some students will choose the weakest counterargument to their main idea, but this will affect your whole paper.

Business ethics essay as a paper at the junction of ethics and business studies

Some of you might say that ethics, especially such parts of it as virtue ethics, is a discipline that is detached from reality. This opinion is far from the truth when it comes to business ethics. This is where modern scholars are trying to find out whether the ethical decisions concerning the labor force will lead to a higher income in the future, even if at the moment the same decisions can lead to a decrease in expenditures for a business.

For example, business ethics should answer this question: would it be more beneficial for a business, in the long run, to provide staff with a good social package and a dignified maternity leave than to fire workers when they get sick or pregnant? Fortunately, ethical decisions are, as a rule, more profitable for a business over time, and business ethics provides manufacturers with arguments in favor of the right decisions.

Ethics paper topics to choose and to avoid

Along with questions that can be answered with the help of numbers and formulas, as it is in case of business ethics, there are some dilemmas that are still argued among people. The three most controversial topics that have no definitive answer yet are abortion, euthanasia, and capital punishment. We recommend you to avoid them if your opinion doesn’t coincide with your teacher’s.

Try to compose your paper on meta-ethics, animal rights, bioethics, or environmental ethics instead. Meta-ethics is the branch of ethics usually studied by philosophers. It answers questions like, “What is good and what is bad?” and what does “good” or “bad” mean. You will appreciate this branch if you prefer theoretical thinking related to applied topics.

Bioethics is a subject at the junction of biology, medicine, and ethics. Along with the most controversial topics described above, it also answers the questions of human engineering and the use of innovations for life extension, cloning, and gene therapy. Bioethics describe the medical code of conduct and sets the boundaries of patients confidentiality.

Animal rights questions and environmental ethics are trendy topics that have their practical application. Nowadays, humanity understands that we are all tied together and the Golden Rule, which is to treat others like you want to be treated, concerns all kinds of relations and not only those between people.

How to write an ethics paper that will get you an A

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