What should an A+ political science paper look like?

Let’s discuss the political science paper format first. There is no one single citation style for political science assignments, as each educational institution has its own preferences for formatting the title page, footnotes, and cited works. However, as political science is related to sociology, it is highly likely that you’ll be asked to use the American Sociology Association (ASA) formatting style. In most cases, the structure of your paper will be the same for all colleges and universities and will include an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

As politics is one of the most formal parts of human society, colloquial language will not be welcome and grammatical issues will be of huge importance when it’ll come to the grading of your political science paper. To make sure you’ll get an A, stick to these recommendations when writing your paper:

  1. Use formal language and avoid slang words.
  2. Plan your paper and make its structure coherent and connected. Make sure that the chapters, paragraphs, and sentences of your paper are logically tied together and your writing flows well.
  3. Conduct deep research before starting your paper, and make sure all of your ideas are proved by credible sources.
  4. Use full citations and never quote someone’s words out of context.
  5. Proofread your paper before turning it in to get rid of grammatical mistakes.

However, before you do all that, it would be great to look through political science thesis ideas to choose one that will suit you the best.

What are the political science research paper topics I can choose from?

It is always better to write on a topic you’re interested in and want to find out more about. This is a basic formula beneath all good political science thesis ideas. If you have trouble choosing yours, check out what we have to offer:

  • Write on democratic principles or political parties.
  • Conduct research on recent public policy or European integration.
  • Discuss the role and importance of ideology in political and social thinking.
  • Think of emergency responses for large scale incidents.
  • Find out who you are: a republican or a democrat?

Modern politics provides us with multiple topics, and politology is one of the most trendy among them. This subject should be especially important to you if you live, work, or study in the USA. Americans are fond of their democracy and are very proactive in their political and civil life. To assimilate fast into a new society, you should learn the political ideas the country engages in.

Politology as the biggest part of political science

If you are interested in American politics and politology, there are a lot of topics you will have to cover.

  • Learn more about civics to find out why the citizens of the USA are so active in their political life. Find out more about how the government works and what rights and obligations US residents have.
  • Check out comparative politics to get a better understanding of the main method of political science: the comparison. Political statistics, experimental methods, and case studies are all covered by this branch of politics.
  • Dive into geopolitics if you’re more into international relations between countries and regions.
  • Don’t forget to learn more about political culture if you’re up to working in international organizations some day.

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