Basic Information About Writing a Process Essay

A process essay describes and outlines how to complete a process, step by step. There is no persuasion or bias needed in this type of essay. It simply focuses on how to guide readers through a specific process.

It is not a listing of the steps to a complete a process, however. The steps are written in regular prose form, where you transition between ideas (steps) through transitional phrases. There is still an introduction, middle, and conclusion. Let’s look at the structure more closely.

Process Essay Format

Students often wonder how to start a process essay. Well, it is not as difficult as you might think. In the introduction, present some of your process’s history and/or background. Make your readers aware of what the process is and why it is important. Use transitions to lead into more tangible elements of the process. No thesis statement is needed, but clear transitions from the background information to the description of the process is needed.

In the middle section, each paragraph can be about a section or stage of the process. Each section or stage can be one step or several steps combined. Once again, use clear transitions between steps to make the writing flow, instead of confusing your readers.

In the conclusion, summarize the steps and once again reiterate why the process is important in the context of history and/or the present. There is no need to add any additional information in the conclusion.

Having a process essay outline on hand will be beneficial for you to order the process correctly. The outline can be your guide while you are drafting, so you do not make a misstep or get distracted.

Style of a Process Essay

The writing should be straightforward, without slang or contractions. As was mentioned before, there should not be persuasion or bias in a process essay. You should write to inform your readers—that’s it.

More than any other essay, transitions should be used in a process essay. Since its content depends on ordering steps, transitions are needed in ample supply to delineate the parts that make up your chosen process.

Process Essay Topics


  1. How to cook my favorite meal
  2. How to make perfect fettuccine alfredo
  3. How to make an espresso
  4. How to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner
  5. How to brew ginger ale


  1. How to make a birdhouse
  2. How to sew a scarf
  3. How to make a homemade hat
  4. How to create your own curtains
  5. How to create a quilt


  1. How to true a bike wheel
  2. How to replace the oil in your car
  3. How to fix a flat car tire
  4. How to clean a pool properly
  5. How to make a homemade PC computer

Process Essay Help

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