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Proofreading services that helps

Proofreading is one of the most important parts of completing a writing assignment for college. Many college and university students apply for professional help with writing, editing and proofreading. But you still can handle proofreading on your own by using some helpful apps and techniques.

Grammarly. One of the most effective and expensive apps for proofreading. It’s pretty useful with a free account but if you want to see all of your mistakes, including correct word usage, you’ll need to purchase paid-access.
Google Docs Consistency Checker. This app is an add-on for Google Docs service. It doesn’t check grammar or punctuation, but it does something even more important for proofreading. Consistency Checker is similar to tools used by professional editors. It helps to find incorrect spellings of abbreviations, numerals and so on.
Paper rater. This app not only points out mistakes, but can show the level of readability, word choice, and the possible grade you’ll get for any paper.
The key to effective proofreading is to review a document many times using different tools and techniques. Also, it’s easier to proofread smaller parts of a paper in installments.
If you’re ready to do a proofreading by yourself, you can follow these simple tips to do it the right way:

  • A printed text can help you to find mistakes. Also, you can notate a printed text and see the whole picture of a paper at once.
  • Read out loud and silently. Both methods will reveal style and content flaws.
  • Use search to find most common typos and words used too many times at the text. Sometimes in big papers, it’s hard not to repeat yourself. Find the most duplicated words and use synonyms to replace them.
  • Checking writings backward word by word can be very productive, too.
  • Check the meaning of words because sometimes there are commonly confused words.
  • Check your font and its size for consistency.

Proofreading Service is a Real Thing

Helpful tools are only machines and they can’t really distinguish grammatical issues from typos. For your essay to be perfect and make sense there’s a need for professional proofreading. Here are some good reasons to order it:

  • First, it’s professionals that can not only check the style and grammar, but also correct content issues. provides a proofreading service by proficient editors with deep experience in any type of writing. To find the perfect proofreader, use the writer’s page to navigate the web-site and search through the editors with science experience in your field. Choose parameters and use filters to get the authors that suit for your work the most.
Professional proofreading and editing are not a cheat and many students and professionals apply for help with their writing. With Pro Essay Writings, you can get professional proofreading for your writing; set your own parameters for payment and work with your editor. For your comfort, you can pay ahead, in several installments, or after the work is done. You are free to contact the editor at any time and control how the work is going. If you like, you can order your proofreader to simply mark the mistakes and correct them yourself, or just check the final state of your paper after proofreading and editing by the professional is completed.
Anyway that you choose to have your paper done can be effective. But whenever you feel exhausted and helpless, better save your mental and physical health and reassign your work to professionals.