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Example of a thesis statement made by you

A master’s thesis is a qualification science work. With the positive results of its defense, candidates receive an academic master’s degree. Master’s degrees require obtaining a bachelor’s degree earlier and can be a transitional step for acceptance into graduate school. Writing a master’s thesis needs to show your ability to independently organize and carry out scientific research. In the US, a master’s thesis means something different than it does in Europe’s educational system where the thesis has the almost opposite context.

The length of the work is usually about 12000–13000 words or 40–80 pages. It must contain an authentic argument. For evidence, you can use previous research on the subject. Creating an argument is the most important part of the research. But if you are already at this stage, then you have written many college papers and should know thesis statement examples that are strong. In this type of text, it should show the whole picture of the research.

Writing a Master’s Thesis. What to Start From.

To be sure you are aware of the subject of the study, you can ask your professor to recommend some literature or check the campus library. Google Scholar is very effective for research as well. It shows all published works on a topic, which helps to find data and not redo research already done by someone else.

Develop an individual plan of work for the thesis. For every task from the research, the supervisor takes a bit more time than it requires to avoid unforeseen problems during the execution of the work. Submit an individual plan for approval at the dean’s office.

Logically line up historical material to reveal the progress of the development of the problem, the solution of which is the main assignment to the master’s thesis. Contemporary problems can be solved through the use of existing and previously developed techniques or require the author’s innovative search. Learning the example of a thesis statement in published science articles on your topic can help you take the research in the right direction.

Develop your innovative model to solve the problem. The master’s thesis is not required to conduct a scientific study of something completely new, so it can be developed as a model that combines several techniques already known. But check if these techniques don’t contradict each other and logically complement one another when creating structural integrity.

Plotting, researching and writing such an important science work is a long process, and it is hard to motivate yourself from the very beginning to not lose precious time. The scientists’ latest research states that when you have a big assignment with a far away deadline, it is difficult to concentrate on it. This happens because we don’t relate ourselves with the future. It seems like you’re going to be a different person and the problems of accomplishing the work on time are not your problem right now. But good work can’t be done in a hurry. Starting from the research, studying an example of a thesis statement, writing the first draft and until the defense is one complex process that needs time and skills.

So, how to fight the lack of motivation?

  • Your work is the group of multiple tasks. Simply using time managing and motivational apps is not going to solve the problem. But if you really need motivation and control, then they will give you a hand.
  • The first thing to understand is that even with the help of the software, you should feel the need to write. Another way, you will take all the help as stress and something that chains your freedom and creativity. But wiring a master’s thesis is not all about creativity. It is also a lot of technical work and self-control.
  • The most important reason is health. Of course, this is almost impossible for the student, especially the one who is going to defend the master’s degree to have a normal healthy lifestyle. But exhaustion of the body and mind can play bad tricks on you. So, as much as possible, take vitamins, eat less junk food and regard healthy routines. Create a daily agenda and follow it sharply.
  • Good sleeping. Setting a limited time for going to bed and waking up will give you energy and good mood.
  • Not intense but regular fitness will help you keep up with all the stress and stay positive. Visit your doctor to control your health and give you some advice for this stressful period.
  • Change the types of work and locations. Don’t sit at the screen for hours. Award yourself with some walks in the park. Find the best hours for all kinds of productivity. Spend a week or so with the normal agenda but try to work on different things at different hours of the day and note your productivity level and feelings.
  • Make your writing place with natural lightening but also use the lamp with the comforting light for the evening hours.
  • Using apps for increasing writing productivity is effective but use them smartly. For example, Pomodoro technique is a good helper with time management. But there is a free version of it. It is very simple. Simply use the technique without buying the program. Set the timer on the phone for 25 minutes and dedicate this time only for writing. When the time is over, take a break for 5 minutes.
  • Editing programs such as Grammarly or Hemingway are necessary. In writings large as a thesis, it is hard to check all the typos and concentrate.
  • One more service required is online plagiarism checkers.
  • Also, you can get assistance with all these issues by applying with a custom writing company.

Thesis statement examples and professional assistance

Modern writing services for students have totally changed since past years. It is now the high-technology and super client-oriented companies that help students. Of course, some firms are fraudulent. But with customers’ reviews, you will choose the right one.

Now all the interactions with the company are simple and clear. You can register an account in one click and even order the writing in a few minutes. But we recommend paying attention while placing your order. To avoid multiple revisions and no satisfying outcome, it is better to set all the parameters and leave the instructions for the writer.

As for the ghostwriters, they are usually multitasking and are experienced at research, writing and editing, etc. Authors are usually going through difficult and multiple tests to get the jobs. Companies check their academic experience, science areas they can work in and their level of education. Only native speakers are allowed to write and proofread orders.

Using help is the perfect plan for writing huge science works. All the candidates order at least proofreading services to cut off the typos and check grammatical, style and formatting issues. For example, every page of your master’s thesis must have numbers. If some pages have album orientation, their numbers must be in the same place as if they were oriented like the rest of the paper. Can you control all those little tricky things? And if you ask for formatting at a custom writing service, you can be sure that all this criteria will be perfectly performed.

With an academic writer, you can also check the content for its sense. For this purpose, you should pick only authors that worked in your field of study. But the most effective way to write a thesis is to write it with the assistance or in tandem with an academic author. This will give you the chance to correct and check the writings all during the writing process, avoiding a large amount of work at a time, which makes it easier to handle.

If you plan the research and other work correctly, you will get the perfect result without stress and sleepless nights. Either way, if you are going to defend you master’s degree for graduate school or you are planning to continue your academic career and go for a Ph.D. dissertation, then this part of your life is very important and will make a big influence on your future. But it is your choice to make it your headache or the coolest experience in your life.