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Case study as the most interesting learning method

Case studies provide a very helpful and vital form of learning. Case studies make realistic sense of a given subject for students. This helps students not only to learn new information but to understand new knowledge through the experience of real life. Often, this study technique is confused with the case-method which is also used by teachers, but the methods are not the same. The case study is widely used in a large spectrum of majors, mostly in the humanities and in medicine. However, the work in a case study is used to teach a subject more fully than other learning methods. Adults learn better when they understand the reason why they need to learn particular information and how and where to use it in the professional world.
To create a good study case there are some things you should know:

To be effective, the case has to have as many details as possible and be taken from real life events, history, etc.
Case studies can be of different types. Here are the most common in practice:

  1. Illustrative. In this type of study case, several connected events are used to analyze a subject. It’s used to increase the understanding of the subject or phenomenon by the audience.
  2. Exploratory or pilot. This type is used to find the questions for future research. The findings from these kinds of studies can provide the basis for a scientific discovery.
  3. Cumulative. This type of case study combines previous research on the subject from different time-periods. The point of this type of case study is to save the time and resources by not making a new study on an existing topic.
  4. Critical instance. This type of case study is usually practiced to discover the cause and effect of the subject.

The most frequent theoretical perspectives:

  • Individual. This case study focuses on personalities and human interactions.
  • Organizational. This type of case study is related to institutions and organizations.
  • Social. This perspective is focused on the behavior of social groups, cultural institutions, etc.

To collect the information for the case study use official sources such as writer’s drafts, official reports, interview transcripts, videotapes and hard copies of computer documents, observations, and artifacts.

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