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Book reviews are not a problem

Writing a book review is your opportunity to become a literary critic. It can be fun. This type of college essay can be easy if you’ll let it be. Of course, for some it’s hard to write reviews, but what you need to know is that nobody expects you to impersonate a professional critic; you just need to show your thoughts and responses to the novel. From this perspective, writing a book review becomes less terrifying. To write a book review, simply follow the algorithm:

  • Learn the subject. Read the novel and maybe read it more than once. On the second read, the main task is not to simply finish the book, but to understand it. To create interesting critical thinking, you need to have your own opinion on the subject.
  • During the process, you can make drafts and mark the parts you need to rethink. Based on these drafts you can start to write the essay’s body. Book reviews are usually brief. If there’s no specific word limit given, the maximum limit is about 1000 words.
  • When writing drafts, create some mind-maps by making a list of points you liked or disliked about the novel. This will lead you to the main hypothesis of your essay. At this point, you need to answer yourself the questions:
    • What this book is about?
    • What is the main writer’s argument and how it was supported in the novel?
    • Does this argument helps to understand the subject?

The structure of a good book review:

  • The introduction of the subject. What place in world-culture does this novel occupy? A few words about the author. The thesis of the novel and your thesis about it.
  • Your next paragraph should contain description of the novel’s plot.
  • Analysis. Try to structure your ideas, not by chronological order, but by making every paragraph speak to some issue you want to mention.
  • Conclusion. Here you can write about the successes and failures of the novel and lead your audience to the essence of your critical ideas. Basically, this paragraph contains the summary of your analysis.

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